November 16, 2019 Board meeting info and agenda

Here is the Agenda below for the Nov. 16 2019 Board meeting. If you have any additions  please let Marie know.

The meeting will be at Jaimie Bruzenak’s home  in Tucson followed by lunch and a Southern Chapter meeting in the Ramada at the Mobile Home Park. Bring swim suits if you want to go in the pool afterwards.
We need your RSVP by November 4 with dietary preferences. Lunch suggestions will follow.
Date:    November, 16 2019
Time:   10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. APW Southern Chapter meeting to follow
Place:  3003 W Broadway Blvd, #124, Tucson. Park West Palms Mobile Home Park. Lunch will be outdoors in the Ramada, weather permitting.


  1. Call meeting to order- President’s ReportMarie Fasano
  2. Acting Secretary reading of the minutes from the July meeting- Connie Cockrell
  3. Treasurer’s Report- Cheryl Kohout
  4. Membership Report- Joan Westlake
  5. Central Chapter report – Barbara Lacy
  6. Rim Country Chapter report – Connie Cockrell
  7. Southern Chapter report – Jane Eppinga, Jaimie Bruzenak
  8. Skirting Tradition Report- Brenda Warneka

Old Business

  1. ANA/APW Conference Report Bobbie Bennett, Marie Fasano
  2. Vote on Revision of By-laws – Marie Fasano
  3. Deleting adds on website – cost – Cheryl Kohout.

 New Business

  1. General membership meeting spring conference in May
  2. Nominating Committee for 2020
  3. Communicator of the Year for 2020
  4. Scholarship suggestions for 2020
  5. Continue recruitment of new members and contact of former members
  6. Plans to promote chapters.

Date for next Board meeting.

Please bring written reports to facilitate taking of minutes.

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