Affiliated with the National Federation of Press Women, Arizona Professional Writers is a nonprofit organization of women and men welcoming those who are experienced professionals in the communications field, both active and retired, those who are new to their careers, and students. We work as print and electronic journalists, writers, editors, journalism teachers, graphic artists, photographers, film producers, public relations specialists, and more. We own our own businesses. We work for companies both large and small, for schools, the government and non-profits. We sharpen career skills, network with top professionals and enjoy the camaraderie of peers. We have an award-winning monthly newsletter, an annual state communications contest with first place winners automatically entered in the NFPW national competition, host professional development workshops/seminars and fund an annual college scholarship.  Through APW, members sharpen career skills, network with top professionals and enjoy the camaraderie of peers.

Activities often feature speakers who are published writers or experts in other areas of professional communications. APW also offers an annual contest and grant and scholarship opportunities.

The officers for 2020 are as follows:

Marie Fasano, President
Brenda Whiteside, Secretary
Cheryl Kohout,Treasurer
Bobbie Bennett, First Vice President
Connie Cockrell, Second Vice President
Susan Anderson, Central Chapter,
Connie Cockrell, Rim Country Chapter
Cheryl Kahout, Southern Chapter

Also serving:

Pam Stevenson, Historian, Memorials Director
Marie Fasano, Bylaws Director
Bobbie Bennett, Scholarship Director
Jaimie Bruzenak, Website Editor
Jaimie Bruzenak, Facebook Administrator
Brenda Warneka, Skirting Traditions Committee Chairman

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