Should you give away your eBook free?

Dan Janal, author of Internet Marketing Confidential, writes about a marketing strategy some authors use , that of giving your eBook away for free. This should generate enough interest that Amazon puts your eBook on the “Hot New FREE Books” list so even more people find out about it. Janal explains this strategy and why it is NOT a good idea in  “What They “Forgot” to Tell You about “Give Away Your eBook Free.

His first point is:

1.     You’ve blown all your initial launch goodwill not making money. You’ve given the book away to people who hear you speak and to your true fans on your ezine and blog. Those people are the MOST likely buyers because they know, like and trust you.

He goes on in the article to give additional reasons, but bottom line, this strategy is probably not in your best interest.

A little about Dan Janal: He is considered one of the founding fathers of internet marketing. He has written more than 6 books that have been translated into over 6 languages and has spoken all over the world about internet marketing. His website,, can help authors get more interviews and more publicity for their books or eBooks.


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