APW now stands for Arizona Professional Writers

From Pam Stevenson in the July 2014 TypeRider:

“The votes are in. On July 1, Arizona Press Women’s name changes to Arizona Professional Writers. The new name allows us to keep APW as our abbreviated name.(See our new header above.)

“Another important change APW members voted for is a dual membership option. Members can now be a member of the Arizona group only at a reduced membership fee. The two classes of membership are as follows:

1. Full Membership includes membership in APW and NFPW with all benefits provided by both organizations.
2. State Membership includes membership in the Arizona affiliate, without joining NFPW, with all benefits provided by APW.

“At the State Membership meeting, details of the change were discussed, and it was agreed the APW only member dues will be $30 a year. It’s ironic that 2014 is the 60th Anniversary of Arizona Press Women, so this is also the year we are making important changes in the operation of APW.”

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