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APW Book Club 3/25/23 – Jody Sharpe

APW Book Club – March 25th at 10 am we will discuss Jody Sharpe’s latest book and first mystery, Summer of Angels. The Zoom link will be sent to members the week before. You’ll have time to read her book before the talk! Contact host Karen Lateiner for the link if you do not receive it.

Jody Sharpe

Meteorologist and psychic Gayle Force proves a force to be reckoned with as she moves back to her beloved Mystic Bay. While sleeping, an angel sent her a message in a dream. Gayle realizes she must save an old man from drowning. But who is this old man? With the help of attorney Alex Knight, she finds they are caught in the middle of a future crime. But can Gayle and Alex solve the case and save the old man before it’s too late? With twists of intrigue and love they find angels are at the helm as they prove the bully never wins.

APW State Board Meeting 3/18/23

APW State Board Meeting
Saturday, March 18 at 10 a.m. via Zoom. All members are invited to attend. Regular business plus planning for the State Convention. Contact Connie Cockrell for the zoom link. 

APW Book Club 2/25/23 – Robert Hershberger

Karen Lateiner is inviting you to a Zoom Book Club Meeting


Topic: Diary of an Alzheimer”s Caregiver by Robert Hershberger
Date: Saturday, February 25, 2023
Time: 10 a.m. AZ time
Zoom: The Zoom invitation will be sent out to book club members the week before the meeting.

This book is based on a diary about Deanna (Dee) Hershberger’s journey through Alzheimer’s disease from September of 2010 until her death on March 1, 2015 kept by Robert Hershberger, her husband and primary caregiver. It begins with a short introduction about Dee’s life before she contracted Alzheimer’s disease. It covers how she gradually lost her short-term memory while maintaining most of her physical and social abilities during the first two years of the journey. It then shows how she lost long-term memory, experienced psychotic episodes, had uncontrollable violent behavior, lost physical abilities, became incontinent and suffered from undetected illnesses through the last two years. It ends with the last two months of Deanna’s life when treated inappropriately in a psychiatric ward of a Phoenix hospital and caring treatment in an excellent memory care facility also in Phoenix. The book concludes with a brief summary of Dee’s life and a short note on ethics.

The diary also offers yearly reflections and advice that might help caregivers, family members, medical personnel, psychologists, church members, ministers, deacons and persons in families with a history of Alzheimer’s disease understand what to do and what not to do about extremely difficult behavior when caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease.

The author hopes that readers will gain a compassionate understanding about people who contract the disease and those loved ones who become their primary caregivers. It can be a tough slog regardless of one’s best hopes and intentions.

APW Book Club 1/28/23 – Mark Walker

Saturday, January 28 we will review Mark Walker’s book, My Saddest Pleasures: 50 Years on the Road

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023
Time: 10 a.m. Arizona time
Zoom: The Zoom link will be sent out to book club members before the meeting. APW members or guests who would like to attend and did not receive the link should contact Karen Lateiner at for the link.


Award winning author, Mark D. Walker has been recognized twice by the Solas Literary Awards for Best Travel Writing. His new book is part of his Yin & Yang of Travel Series.  My Saddest Pleasures: 50 Years on the Road,  borrows its title from one of iconic writer, Moritz Thomsen’s works. It shines a sometimes-lovely, sometimes-piercing light on the countries he visits. In this captivating book, Walker reflects on his fifty years of travel miscalculations and disasters and how and why his travels changed over the years, as has who he traveled with.

Walker has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers such as Midwest Review. “My Saddest Pleasures” differs from most both in its size and in its succinct considerations of how travel changes not just self, but the environments that the traveler encounters. The combined flavor of wonder, new experiences, ecological and social reflection, and adventure brings with it a newfound opportunity to understand the traveler’s impact on a deeper level than most. Domestic and foreign experiences alike are outlined with these lessons in mind.

Please watch: Also, Mark would like participants to see an interview on the making of his book which just came out in Global Connections TV. This is his second interview and they’re seen on UN TV and in universities around the world. The 30-minute interview touches on why/how he wrote the book as well as important trends in the global publishing industry. Please watch this on YouTube before the  meeting.


January APW virtual meeting: 1-14-23 Dr. Kixx Goldman

Let’s start the year 2023 right. We invite all APW members to come to our January meeting!

Susan Claire Anderson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Arizona Professional Writers Meeting- Creating Character from My Heart with Dr. Kixx Goldman
Date: January 14, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Creating Character from my Heart: Blessings and Therapeutic Outcomes
 I’m excited and delighted to be speaking with you at your January meeting. I’d love to share thoughts about my writing process. I want to tell you how I create characters and some unexpected therapeutic outcomes, like healing from a traumatic memory. Let’s leave a little time for questions and chat.

Dr. Kixx Goldman, author, therapist, and storyteller, has a passion for writing fiction. Her recently published debut collection, Speak from Your Heart and Be Heard: Stories of Courage and Healing, is a tribute to human resilience. The characters in the stories show us how we can follow our intuition and find the courage to speak our truth, overcome challenges, heal and grow.

Please download and print the 4 handouts before the meeting.

Guests are welcome. Use the above Zoom link to join.

Grants for children’s books

Awards to USA and Canada Individuals to Recognize Emerging Talent in Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books

GrantWatch ID#: 163058
Deadline: 12/31/22
Description: Awards of $3,000 to a USA or Canada author and an illustrator to encourage and recognize emerging talent in children’s literature. Nominations are accepted on behalf of outstanding new illustrators and writers whose books portray the universal qua…
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All the best,
Libby Hikind
Libby Hikind
Founder and CEO
GrantWatch, Inc.
(561) 249-4129

Membership renewal time!

Holiday Greetings to all members!

It’s time to renew your membership at Arizona Professional for 2023.
We have had an active year with exceptional speakers and sharing of information. If you did not attend you missed out on writing tips, marketing ideas, and learning about the writing process from our members and guests.
For 2023 make a commitment to attend the monthly online Zoom meetings with guests and/or the monthly APWBook Club with a discussion of our own authors’ books. The National Federation of Professional Women Communication contest is open now to all with a myriad of categories from which you can choose.
  • APW Central meets every other Saturday at 10:00 AM starting January 14.
  • APW Rim Country meets every alternate Wednesday  at 1:00 PM starting 
  • February 8.
    APW book Group meets monthly every 4th Saturday at 10:00 AM starting 
  • January 28.
Go to the Join tab for the membership application for state-only APW (still only $30.00) or click the link to renew/join for NFPW. Please complete the application even if renewing so we can make sure your information is current.
We look forward to hearing from you soon for an exciting 2023!
Marie Fasano,
Membership Chair

President’s message – end of year

President’s Page: End Of 2022

Has a year gone by any faster than this one? I think not. We’re entering the U.S. Holiday Season and so much has happened.

November is what I call “gratitude” month. Every day I think about one thing I’m thankful for. It could be a rainy day, a meal out with friends, my husband, but whatever it is, I know individually and collectively, those little things are what make my life rich. So I’m wishing you all a wonderful holiday season full of gratitude for all of the things that make your life full and complete.

In December, the Southern Region will have a no-host holiday luncheon at noon on Saturday, December 10 at the Terraza Garden Patio and Lounge at Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort. Get details and to RSVP  contact Jaimie Bruzenak. Rim Country will have their holiday luncheon in the private dining room at the Mazatal Casino’s Cedar Ridge restaurant on Monday, December 12th, from 11am – 1pm. RSPV to Connie. All APW members are invited to either luncheon!

We need volunteers. As an official non-profit we must report to the Arizona Corporate Commission. At the moment, APW does not have a treasurer. That means we’re operating illegally. If a volunteer does not step up, we may have to close our organization.

In addition, the Payson Book Festival committee needs a new Media Manager as Marie Fasano must step down for health reasons. Our Program Manager (who puts together the paper program for the book festival, has also stepped down for family issues. New people bring fresh, new ideas and we want to keep our organization both active and relevant. Contact me at to volunteer.

My calendar has Saturday, January 21st, 10 am, as our APW State Officer’s meeting. The meeting is open to all members, and it’s being held via Zoom. Contact me if you’d like to attend.

Join in the Movement to End Hunger and Homelessness

November 12 – 20 is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. This is an annual program where people come together across the country to draw attention to the problems of hunger and homelessness. Find out how you can take action. Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

Register for our 28th Annual Conference in Mesa, AZ. Early bird prices available until December 16.

Calling All Artists and Storytellers: Share your housing-related art or story and earn $100. Learn more about these opportunities to contribute your talents to the annual conference and to our public awareness campaign.

Take a look at our APW Facebook page. This is a great place to announce your newest book, magazine article, or speaking engagement. This is just one of the many perks you, as an APW member have, so take advantage!

HOLIDAY BAZAAR – not too late!
We are also happy to announce our Holiday Bazaar at our website: This is a terrific perk of being a member. It’s not too late to get your book listed. Send Jaimie Bruzenak a link to the book you want to list along with a high resolution jpeg of the front cover and your website link and she’ll post it for you. Books make great presents!

And, it’s membership renewal time. If you have already renewed, thank you! If you’ve renewed via the National Federation of Press Women, let us know to look for your renewal there. If you still need to renew, see Join under the About tab for the form. Those renewing their membership should complete the form so we can be sure your information is up to date and complete.

Thank you everyone for your continued support for this historic organization.

That’s it for 2022. Everyone stay safe, enjoy the upcoming holidays, and hope to see you at the next meeting!

Connie Cockrell, Author
H (928) 951-0970

APW Book Group – 10/22/22 – Kathleen Parrish

Karen Lateiner is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

TOPIC: APW Book Group -Author Kathleen Parrish –Second Son
DATE: October 22, 2022
TIME: 10:00 AM Arizona
ZOOM: The link has been sent to Book Club members. If you’d like to join, contact Karen at for the link.

Second Son: A Novel about the Deep South by Hermann Willis Logan, continued by Kathleen Parrish is available on Amazon.

The debut novel from Herman Willis Logan, continued by Kathleen Parrish, is filled with beautifully flawed characters struggling to survive the last years of the Great Depression and the epic panorama of World War II.

Trapped on a tenant farm in 1938 Mississippi, young Towanna Whitaker longs to get his education and “be somebody.” But the cotton harvest comes first, and his pa thinks an eighth-grade education is plenty for a cotton farmer. When his troubled mother abandons the family, Towanna must choose between his dreams of an education and helping his pa hold the family together. He gives up his education to care for the house and his baby sister, only to lose her in a tragic accident—one he might have prevented. Grief and self-loathing slowly give way to his family’s stubborn love and the shy overtures of Kathy, a local girl, but World War II arrives all too soon to tear them apart. Drafted into the army and deployed to Europe, Towanna must face death, loss, and his deepest fears if he’s to survive the war and find his way home.

“Second Son is an enthralling depiction of life in the Deep South during the final years of the Great Depression, and the hardships of World War II … fresh and deeply personal.” —Rick Adelmann, Best-Selling Author of the MG&M Detective Agency Mysteries

APW Book Group- 9/24/22- Elizabeth Graham

Karen Lateiner is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: APW Book Group -Elizabeth Graham Democrazy
Date: Saturday, September 24, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM Arizona
Zoom: The link will be sent to all members. It is also listed under the Members Only tab of the website. If you would like to attend and do not have the link, contact Karen.


Elizabeth Graham had a top secret clearance at the age of seventeen with the CIA. She spent about twenty-five years living and working abroad: Soviet Union, then Russia, Central Asia, and other former Soviet pack countries. She was a consultant in war-torn Afghanistan, Rwanda, and Bosnia. Her real-life multi-cultural experiences in totalitarian and dictatorship countries gives her a great vantage point to comment on the Trump-era and how other countries view the U.S. racism, violence, and our democracy. She recently authored DEMOCRAZY, Version 2020 and is working on her second book.