December 2013 TypeRider

The December 2013 TypeRider, edited by Lynda Exley is out! Stay up to date with APW happenings.

You won’t want to miss Brenda Warneka “Writing and the Law” column. In “Google wins summary judgment against authors guild” she explains what points of law were relevant and how the judges arrived at their decision.  In her article, she states that “A user’s online search result displays three “snippets” of text from the database. A snippet is a verbatim excerpt of one-eighth of a book page.” After reading the article, you can better make a decision as to whether or not you think there was copyright infringement or whether this will, in the long run, help authors. The Authors Guild is appealing the decision.

Also in this issue, check out APW winners of the 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, upcoming writing events and much more!

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