APW Book Club 3/25/23 – Jody Sharpe

APW Book Club – March 25th at 10 am we will discuss Jody Sharpe’s latest book and first mystery, Summer of Angels. The Zoom link will be sent to members the week before. You’ll have time to read her book before the talk! Contact host Karen Lateiner for the link if you do not receive it.

Jody Sharpe

Meteorologist and psychic Gayle Force proves a force to be reckoned with as she moves back to her beloved Mystic Bay. While sleeping, an angel sent her a message in a dream. Gayle realizes she must save an old man from drowning. But who is this old man? With the help of attorney Alex Knight, she finds they are caught in the middle of a future crime. But can Gayle and Alex solve the case and save the old man before it’s too late? With twists of intrigue and love they find angels are at the helm as they prove the bully never wins.

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