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November, 2015 TypeRider is here!

Read the information-packed November, 2015 issue of the TypeRider. Lots going on in the districts and many writing events coming up. Catch up with members too. Thanks, Lynda Exley, our hard working editor, for another great issue!

October, 2015 TypeRider

If you haven’t read the October, 2015 TypeRider, click on the link to do so. It’s another information-filled issue. Find out what events are coming up in Central, Colorado and Rim Country Districts.  Brenda Warneka reports and has pictures of the NFPW Convention in Anchorage in September.  Catch up with other members and peruse the long list of writing events coming up.

September, 2015 TypeRider

Another fine issue from editor Lynda Exley.  Read the September, 2015 TypeRider, chock full of good information. Meet our members who will be listed in the AZ Speaks directory and available to give talks to schools, Road Scholar program attendees and at other venues. We are honored to have five members participate.

In this issue, you’ll also meet also this year’s scholarship winner, Melina Casillas. There the guidelines for entering ONEBOOKAZ writing contest as well as how to participatie as an author in the Tucson Festival of Books next March. Colorado River District member, Liz Mastin, contributed “Joy of Prosody: Joy of Rhyming!” If you’re not familiar with prosody, you’ll want to read all about it. And, there’s more. Click on the link, September, 2015, to read this issue.

August, 2015 TypeRider

The August, 2015 issue of the TypeRider is out! It’s 18 pages and full of photos from the first Payson Book Festival. The hard-working committee garnered all sorts of publicity resulting in an attendance of more than 500 people. Great turnout for a first-time event! See editor Lynda Exley’s attractive layout of photos contributed by several people and read the report.

Also in this issue, a report from the Board Meeting held the evening before, NFPW 2015 Communications Contest winners, and the winners of the June Payne Memorial Journalism Scholarship. Find out what members have been up to and peruse a long list of upcoming APW and writing events.

July, 2015 TypeRider

Read more about the Payson Book Festival to be held July 25 in the cool pines of Rim Country in the  July 2015 TypeRider. Several APW members will be participating. Meet Jackie Rowland Murray, author of Oatman: History, Recipes & Ghost Stories in Brenda Warneka’s interview. Find out what’s been happening with members plus check out the number of book and writing events coming up.

June 2015 TypeRider

Read the June, 2015 TypeRider! Read all about the upcoming Payson Book Festival to held in the cool pines on July 25.  APW has eight members being recognized by NFPW for longevity. NFPW recognizes members celebrating membership anniversaries in five-year increments, beginning with 10 years. Read news about our members, a recap from the last Colorado River District meeting and a calendar of events loaded with book and writing events. If you haven’t registered for the NFPW convention in Anchorage, a registration form is attached.

February TypeRider now available!

Take a look at the February, 2015 TypeRider. Editor Lynda Exley has done a fine job of assembling lots of good information. The website for Rim District’s July 25, 2015 Payson Book Festival is now online. We have a new Colorado District- meet the members! And find out about lots of events that are coming up as well as information about the Communications Contest.

January 2015 TypeRider

Start the New Year off right by reading the January 2015 APW TypeRider! See lots of photos of fellow members enjoying holiday get togethers. Read about the newest district of APW and the rules for the 2015 Communications Contest. APW will be having its own contest again, rather than participate in the at-large contest. In this issue you can also meet Jodi Weisberg and find out about writing events coming up this spring.

September TypeRider

Be sure to check out the September, 2014 TypeRider. Find out what happens to your copyrights after you pass away. Is printing a copyright notice enough or is it necessary to file it with the U.S. Copyright Office? Meet member Kathleen Kelly plus find out about the writing classes and events coming up in Arizona.

August TypeRider

If you haven’t seen the August, 2014 TypeRider, take a look now! It’s another issue packed with information. Read about the Rim Country Wrtier’s Retreat, meet Suzanne Pickett Martinson and the law about using photography of people in public places. There is also a long list of local writing-related activities. Be sure to check them out.