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January 2015 TypeRider

Start the New Year off right by reading the January 2015 APW TypeRider! See lots of photos of fellow members enjoying holiday get togethers. Read about the newest district of APW and the rules for the 2015 Communications Contest. APW will be having its own contest again, rather than participate in the at-large contest. In this issue you can also meet Jodi Weisberg and find out about writing events coming up this spring.

September TypeRider

Be sure to check out the September, 2014 TypeRider. Find out what happens to your copyrights after you pass away. Is printing a copyright notice enough or is it necessary to file it with the U.S. Copyright Office? Meet member Kathleen Kelly plus find out about the writing classes and events coming up in Arizona.

August TypeRider

If you haven’t seen the August, 2014 TypeRider, take a look now! It’s another issue packed with information. Read about the Rim Country Wrtier’s Retreat, meet Suzanne Pickett Martinson and the law about using photography of people in public places. There is also a long list of local writing-related activities. Be sure to check them out.

Google wins suit to scan millions of books

APW member, Marion E. Gold, posted this article at LinkedIn titled “Google Books: 1, Authors: 0 in Landmark Ruling.” The article begins: “The eight-year-long legal battle over Google Books has finally come to a close. A judge ruled on Thursday that the search giant’s scanning of millions of books falls under fair use and doesn’t infringe the copyrights of the books’ authors.”  The Authors Guild will probably appeal. Read the entire article at You can also read the ruling by clicking a link.

Do you agree with the ruling?

Amazon new “MatchBook” program

Amazon is going to start bundling books with their ebooks, including some books they’ve had available for years. You’ll be able to get the ebook version of books you buy or have bought between no additional cost to $2.00. Authors will receive royalties on bundled ebooks in the MatchBook program based on the ebook bundled price. Amazon expects it to boost overall sales. The program will launch in October. Read more at Publishers Weekly.